The Human Conundrum…For Blogging 101/day one

I’m blogging here as opposed to keeping it in a personal journal….Why you might ask.

Because I like to communicate  and to create an opening for conversation and new experiences…I like to provoke a response and feedback. I like getting a bird’s eye view into the human condition including my own. I’m part of the human race and I love community/writers/poets/artists/ and inspiring others to reach inside and find their own vulnerable spot for more insight and evolution.

The topics I’ll write about will be all part of the above ie resolving the day to day with zen-like humour and Buddha-like self reflection. I will write about for instance, our personal thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and how they bleed into every part of our life from our relationships to our educational, financial, religious, health and government systems. How what we feel and think creates our reality. I often write in poetry form. My background is more in songwriting but that’s expanding into prose and an autobiography now. I will also probably blog about social and environmental issues effecting our health and lifestyles; about denial in ourselves and in society and it’s possible side effects. My influences are many including…Kabir, Lao Tsu, Charles Bukowski, Yeats, Shakespeare, Pia Melody, Carl Jung, David Whyte, Proust, Jack Kerouac, Hunter Thompson, Patty Smith, Maya Angelou, Anais Nin, DH Lawrence, Eckhart Tolle and tons more.

Those I’d like to connect with I suppose are those who value those issues I mentioned and who would like to go deeper than deep so to speak. People who would like to open a portal within themselves for more personal and global evolution; people who have or are suffering from betrayal of self or that of others and who wish to take responsibility for their own part in all of that.

I hope that in time my blogging will create a forum for honest, vulnerable and safe communication, for healing and for inspiration. May the muse consume us and instil passion and lots of fun.


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