Is Google God?

It’s a techy world. I grew up without it. I’m growing into it. I sometimes feel like a techno-wreck after just an hour online! Techno-whiz I will never be. My friends under the age of 25 are all techno-whizzes and sometimes after a couple of hours on Play Station, Utube or any such cyber sites, they look techno-weary! Steve Jobs and his buddies laughed all the way to the bank and probably never even bat an techno-eyelid except for to count the dough! Steve is gone but I’m sure Gates and friends are stirring up another techno-storm to sell to us users!

I probably won’t make many friends dredging up shit like this but there I go again. I can’t keep my trap door shut when something keeps stirring me up!

I like the convenience of google. Google seems to know all thing.  I like the speed with which I can receive a ‘letter’ …I like social networking and yes I sooooooo love WordPress. However I often wonder if there’s a price to pay! The Buddha said that there was nothing but consequences! OUch! Not all consequences are bad ones of course. There’s the positive and there’s the negative.

Last night I sat in a restaurant with a friend. Looking ’round from time to time during the evening I saw couples, families, co-workers and so on all eating and drinking and yes most on their Iphones. There was very little conversation!  Wow …that’s a consequence!  Hooked on cyber. I guess addictions come in all shapes and sizes. Human interaction is becoming more rare and one wonders about the consequences of that. I won’t talk to you. I’ll text you or send you a message on Instagram! OK fine!

The grass is waiting. The sea is calling. The hawk is watching. The negative ions are lonely while i sit staring at my box! If you find a spot where there’s no reception keep going. It’s hard to find such a spot these days but you might feel different in a few days of being off the grid!

That’s the other rather unspoken consequence! Our easy and free-wheeling techno- lifestyle involves radiation!  Just because we can’t see it with the naked eye does not mean it does not exist.  How does that stuff work anyway!  I’m in China and you’re in Timbucktoo and I can message you, have a conversation with you and or share my photos with you in an instant!  I’m by no means techno-savvy. I’m a techno-dud really but common sense tells me that well maybe all the cell-phone towers emitting a zillion watts of radiation, so that we all can have our cozy on-hand information highway, might be a bit taxing on the human body/mind/emotions.

Taoist masters, Yogis, Shamans, Acupuncturists know about energy and how the electrical channels, called meridians/chakras, energy gates, operate. One goes off kilter and I get sick. One  tips the energy scale and who knows what goes on inside the body. ……..Not fear based here …just saying! Do we know how this stuff works and how it effects our energy system, nervous systems, emotions, body. Just asking the question may leave a million blank stares! Knowlege is power and Google is close to god! I ask him/her so many questions that usually get answered in a flash!  Maybe Google is actually greater than god! In India G O D means generator, operator and destroyer or transformer………Does Google and his/her cyber angels fit that description! Close!

Footnote…..There are several supplements, foods that help protect us from the side effects of radiation exposure……SHalajit, Chlorella, Omegas 3,6.9. Skate and other fish oils, other mineral. Also there are products like clothing with silver, Faraday cages, copper wire………Google, Google, Google!


4 thoughts on “Is Google God?

  1. I gargle with google. Actually I prefer startpage. But your point is well taken. I was shocked to hear that people have become technotwits in England as well. Sad and scary. Orwell and Einstein never envisioned this. I feel like going on a nice long nature walk, wanna join me?

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