Any Help Seriously Welcome

Daily Writer commented on my comment re the Header day!! Total disaster and no images could I find on Library computer…..Yes like he said there were tons of images in my head for my Blog….Google Is God…….Later edited to IS Google God!

I saw angels over mangled computers and metal contraptions. I saw the Hand Of David hovering round gigantic city towers with their eminating rays of radiation. I could find nothing anywhere …could’nt customize zilch. Maybe it’s my techno dumb self but I was wishing I’d been on my own computer . At least I had some of my own photos in there. One in particular I like from Bergamont Station art galleries in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. It’s a stone sculptor at the entrance similar to the Hand Of David.

A hand reaches for a baby in the arms of another……..The other will not give the baby up! SO that was a strong image for what I was saying. ….As the post insinuated; we want our information highway even if it’s risky to our health and wellbeing, relationships etc.

I will try post that pic tomorrow when I hope to be on my very own machine!! Another comment from Blog Writing IS Hard….writing is easy if I like the subject matter and feel passionate about it…otherwise it’s hard yes….and very frustrating when learning new tools in new sites! for me because I’m a techno wreck, a bit techno weary and bleary and just winging it.

If anyone has any ideas, help, suggestions re getting more exposure on this site let me know…..My posts come up as ‘uncategorized’ even though I put my blogs in categories….as far as I know, along with Tags..Thanks to all bloggers…very inspiring


4 thoughts on “Any Help Seriously Welcome

  1. Have you signed up for a blogging 101 course? I found it really helpful. Connected me to quite a few people and there were lots of helpful hints regarding the techno side. Good luck.


    1. yes i signed up and got bogged down on or about day 5 or 6…like i said above it was totally frustrating with nothing going as it ‘should’………Everything I’ve written on here so far is part of that 10 day thingy…a year later now…


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