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Stranger In A Strange Land/Blogging 101 Day 2

The following is a short story in poetry form;

Stranger In A Strange Land

Sometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land

I come from nowhere and I’m going back there

I dig the blues but they can get monotonous

So I sway to my own.

People peer out of doorways

Give me side-way glances

Snigger, laugh, whisper

I Can’t help it can I?

Maybe they think I come from somewhere

Like nowhere they’ve ever been

Somewhere strange

They’re mistaken of course

Maybe they want to sing the blues

Or find their own rhythm

But have forgotten how it goes

I can remind them.

Then we get down

Look each other in the eye;

‘Hey brother, hey sister , hey mon,hey momma

And for a moment at least, we’re all strangers together

We come from nowhere and we’re goin’ back there

Back to no-man’s land


Hand in hand we don’t feel like such strangers

In such a strange land…..